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Philadelphia, PA – SA International announces the new SpotON diffusion algorithm available in the latest release of the Flexi 8.6 and PhotoPRINT 6.1 software for Windows.

Striving to continue to improve Raster Image Processing, SAi has developed this new stochastic screening-based algorithm. SpotON – the enhanced equal dot distribution – avoids banding and artifacts, which are often troublesome especially in lighter areas of prints. The new SpotON diffusion increases the accuracy of the ink placement and variable dots without sacrificing processing speed.

The unsurpassed gradient smoothness resulting from the new SpotON is available as a free upgrade to all users currently using Flexi 8.5 or PhotoPRINT 6.0 for Windows. Users should contact one of SAi’s value-add resellers to request the free upgrade.

In addition the new releases of Flexi 8.6 and PhotoPRINT 6.1 include several added improvements such as the new Ink Split interface, improved Linearization and over 80 new device drivers. This newest release with the SpotON and other numerous improvements is available as a free upgrade to current Windows users. Registered users with earlier software versions qualify for special upgrade pricing.

What is all boils down to is BETTER PRINT QUALITY!