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The Vegas Strip just got a digital dose of Hollywood, thanks to Panasonic and the new Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. The casino, formerly known as the Aladdin, boasts an outdoor, curved, 57-ft.-high LED screen, plus two more curved LED screens and a ribbon display that’s approximately 600 ft. long. At the center of the casino, 32, 65-in. plasma displays are arranged in a “video wall;” 15 more screens adorn the front lobby. Robert Earl, owner of Planet Hollywood, wants the digital signage to meld with the casino’s visual theme, not just deliver content.

The screens use Panasonic’s Network Media stage content-management software.


I’m not a huge mac fan by any means. But with the recent release of the new MacBook I’m definitely blinded by the light (maybe its the glare off the glass screen). The specs have been bumped up, and were no longer stuck in a plastic case! They have also upgraded the video for the standard MacBook.

This is one nice notebook. Photoshop will run faster on this then most of our desktops I’m sure. Prices are starting around $1,299. Check out the apple website for more information.

Time for a new mobile design station for your sign business? Possibly! We all need a good business excuse for new toys sometimes 😉

Donations to the museum will be doubled through Dec 31, ’08.

The American Sign Museum is in the middle of a $2.5 million Capital Building Campaign to move into its new Cincinnati home. A major benefactor as pledged to match donations from now until December 31, 2008, up to $500,000. You can double your donation without digging deeper into your wallet!

The museum has already raised $1 million, allowing for the purchase of the building and phase 1 construction.

Contact museum President Tod Swormstedt at for information on how to donate.

American Sign Museum president in USA Today

American Sign Museum President Tod Swormstedt is quoted today in USA Today in an article about saving neon signs in the United States.

“When there’s a threat of a landmark sign coming down, there’s often a grass-roots movement to save it,” Swormstedt says. Read the full article on USA Today’s website

History (formerly known as the History Channel) is promoting the third season of its show, “Cities of the Underworld,” with a full exterior and interior wrap of a New York City subway, reportedly a first. The temporary vinyl wrap of the 42nd Street Shuttle #3 line was unveiled at Grand Central Station.

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The article I’m about to post is from Lafayette City, LA. But keep in mind this does happen everywhere. Just a friendly reminder of what can happen when you don’t have permits, or go against the grain!

Lafayette City Officials are
targeting those businesses who have illegal signs. Those being targeted
are the small advertising signs that are being put in the ground.

Inspectors go around the city to look for signs that are up not following the proper regulations.

If they notice a problems with a sign, orange stickers are put on them.
Once the orange stickers are on the signs for a certain amount of time,
the signs are pulled.

City officials say business owners could face penalties if they have illegal signs.

If a business ignores the city’s request to comply with the
requirements of the zoning ordinance, the could be prosecuted in city

Prohibited Signs

  • 1. Signs Elected or Erected without a sign permit
  • 2. Off-premise advertising signs except as allowed for integrated business centers.
  • 3. Signs extending into or placed within the public right of way or an easement or affixed to any public property
  • 4. Mobile Billboards or portable trailer signs
  • 5. Signs with lasers or lights that blink, flash, revolve, or, strobe, including animation or video
  • 6. Signs that contain mirror like surfaces
  • 7. Signs that smoke, emit vapor, particles, sound, or, odor
  • 8. Wind or fan blown signs
  • 9. Snipe signs
  • 10. Temporary product specific signs
  • 11. On site signs placed off site signs
  • 12. Off premises advertising signs in the unincorporated areas of Lafayette Parish

“An effective on-premise sign is the number one form of advertising for many retail establishments,” said ISA President and CEO Lori Anderson. “And During tough economic times, when marketing dollars are scarce, the sign plays an even more critical role in promoting a company’s product or services.”

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