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Reflective Metal Signs Create Interest 24 Hours a Day

It has happened to all of us at least once – you will be driving along a dark windy road, GPS is not working, your map offers no help and you have no clue where the exit is! Creeping along at well under the speed limit, you begin to freak out when finally, up ahead, the road sign appears brightly illuminated in your high beams. You sigh a breath of relief and arrive safely at your destination.

If it hadn’t been for those reflective metal signs, you might have easily driven miles past your exit unknowingly, only to be forced to turn around and hope to locate it again. What a big pain in the neck that would have been!

Much like highway signs help you reach your destination, your company sign helps customers find the products they are searching for.

Imagine that there’s a customer driving around trying to find your store or office during wintertime when it gets dark so early — or even early morning when dawn has yet to fully approach the horizon. Using a reflective metal sign is certain to not only alert them of the location, but draw the eye of other potential clients as well! Why limit your potential consumer base by only being visible during daylight hours? People around you have got completely different daily schedules – so you don’t know what early bird or night owl could be trying to find a business exactly like yours.

How to use reflective metal signs to not only stand out, but stand apart!

To allow your company to be different from the rest, adding a reflective metal sign as part of your existing signage is really a shrewd investment – especially for businesses found on heavily traveled traffic routes such as highways and byways, main streets and industrial areas. There will always be a continuous stream of traffic at any time of the day. Using reflective signs will automatically increase your chances of getting seen and noticed 24 hours a day. Current and future customers will instantly have their attention captured when your message is reflected back at them.

So what precisely would YOUR reflective metal sign look like?

Almost any image you can imagine can be transformed into a custom metal sign! From a custom shape to full-color photos, any design can be digitally printed right onto the bright, reflective surface of the metal sign panel. So whether or not your business shuts down before dark, your new sign will keep on working tirelessly through the night to reinforce your presence within the community.

DOUBLE-DUTY reflective signs add another unexpected value to businesses

With both day and night visibility, your sign will provide DOUBLE the advertising worth of a non-reflective sign. What might not be as obvious though is that the LIFESPAN of reflective metal signs is more than DOUBLE that of standard metal signs! And get this – the reflective surface measures 30% brighter without the use of any electricity providing additional ongoing savings.

Double the value for only 33% more?

With a price difference of only 33%, reflective metal signs provide a meaningful value over standard, economy grade signs. Since 1986, has specialized in custom, reflective metal signs by serving the business community, contractors, real estate agents, municipalities, military installations, hospitals, schools, universities, churches and non-profit agencies.

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