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Reminders Of Why We Needs Signs

Posted on: September 30, 2008

We’ve seen some pretty extreme cases of excessive faith in GPS, but this may well be the first instance of the ill-advised practice nearly exactly repeating itself. As you may recall, earlier this year
a Bedford Hills, New York man trusted his GPS so much that he
apparently thought it was perfectly reasonable to follow the directions
directly onto a set of train tracks. That didn’t exactly work
out so well, for his car or the oncoming train. Now, as The Journal
News reports, another man followed his GPS onto the very same set of
tracks last night and, while he did get out in time to make a surely
embarrasing 911 call, that apparently wasn’t enough to prevent a
commuter train from slamming into the car a few minutes later, causing
an hour and a half delay but, thankfully, no injuries. Maybe it’s time
for some signs?


1 Response to "Reminders Of Why We Needs Signs"

I blame the drivers and not the GPS. Some people are not so bright but I would imagine that a lawyer could convince a jury otherwise.

What is you were told to drive over a bridge and the bridge is washedout. I would argue it was the drivers fault.

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